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TheVacationAdvisors.com is a group of expert travelers with the mission of helping travelers around the world plan and experience the perfect trip at the best price. Our slogan – “Travel smarter. For less.” – succinctly sums up the philosophy that drives us.

Think of us as unbiased travel consultants with the ability to provide a variety of information on almost anything relating to travel, including such diverse knowledge as: where you can find a great deal on any aspect of a vacation or business trip, what are the recommended inoculations and vaccinations for any particular destination and even what sort of vacation you should choose based on your preferences. Having said this, though, we must emphasize that TheVacationAdvisors.com should not be mistaken for a travel agency. This distinction is very important. We do not book your travel arrangements – we find you the best price or make recommendations for your perfect trip, depending on which of our services you choose. You are then able to book with a travel agency, online, or using any preferred method you may have.

Our travel experts come from many different backgrounds and range in age from their twenties to their sixties. They travel extensively to a variety of destinations, using all modes of travel. You can also search our site for destination reviews, hotel reviews and so on.

For more information on our services, please refer to http://thevacationadvisors.com/page/Services-Offered-by-TheVacationAdvisorscom.aspx

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